Sensual Architecture for Couples

(90 minutes)

Join me here if your heart desires to:

  • Feel more excitement in your relationship
  • Love your vulnerability
  • Be empowered in your sensuality
  • Cultivate safety in your relationship
  • Reignite the spark between you and your beloved
  • Learn how to sustain, nurture and grow the fire between you
  • Awaken your sexual passion
  • Have fun with each other and do something different

I am committed to supporting you in discovering your Sensual Queen with your beloved.

Every woman has her unique, authentic, beautiful, divine, sacred, Sensual Queen inside her.

Do you dance with yours?

Have you shared this part of yourself with your beloved?

I have developed a radar for women who have lost touch with their Sensual Queen. I can feel her being repressed, shunned, judged, pushed to the side as I had done for so many years. I am passionate about supporting her resurrection.

I am here to guide you into a place of softness, pleasure, deep surrender through the reconnection and appreciation of your senses.

I will lay out the fundamental components of a Sensual Queen and assist you in redesigning your relationship to your sensuality and support you in sharing this sacred part of yourself with your beloved.

I will coach both of you in how to hold space for each other as you deepen your connection to yourself and each other through sensual embodiment.

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