Sacred Feminine Embodiment

(1:1, 90 minutes)

Do you:

  • struggle to voice your boundaries?
  • feel unsafe in the world?
  • feel uncomfortable in your body?
  • have negative self image talk?
  • feel stagnant in your body and are ready to redefine your relationship to your body?

Let’s work on this together.

Red Dress School

This session is for you:

Never Danced

Learn how and where to start.

Professional Dancers

Deepen your relationship with your dance.


Bring more presence, dimension, and depth to your performance.


Cultivate a more intimate relationship to your body, your audience, and the universe when you perform.


Support clearing, grounding, and reconnecting to your body and what she has to say to you.


Liberate your feminine essence and connect your soul desire to your work.

I am here to help you:

  • Find your voice
  • Find your dance
  • Replace the self critique with self love
  • Remember how precious, sacred and capable you are
  • See the beauty in your heart reflected all around
  • Create space to listen to your body
  • Learn how to safely process your emotions and release them
  • Meet vulnerability with loving kindness

I see life as one big embodiment practice designed to bring us into the present moment.

My relationship to embodiment is entirely connected to the senses. We are sensorial beings, through them we experience the world.

When we dance in life, we are dancing with all of our senses, we may be disconnected to them, but they are there, experiencing life with us. It is the disconnect with our senses that has led us into a largely disembodied experience through life.

The good news is that this reality is changing fast, we are coming home to ourselves at a global level.

I am committed to joining this global momentum and supporting you in your journey back into your senses, your sensual nature, and through it to your body. There you meet the present moment and there, magic happens for that is where love exists.

I am here to help you connect with the aspects of you that are wanting to be seen, felt and heard through embodiment practices.

This session is tailored to you!

It is for you and will be led in the way that will most support you on your empowerment journey as a divine embodiment of the sacred feminine.

Be prepared to shake, sweat, laugh, cry and most importantly connect to your breath, your heart and the temple of your body.

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