The Empowered Artist

Red Dress School

Connecting Your Craft to Your Pleasure

Would you like to cultivate a thriving, loving relationship to your creativity and become empowered as an artist?

In this workshop we will dive deep into artistry as a form of alchemical service to self and to the world. There is a dire need in our beings to create art.

Let’s remember and honor this divine aspect of ourselves. Let’s become sculptors of the divine.

In this workshop we will bridge the physical with the spiritual, opening our hearts to connect with the intention behind your creative expression and sense of service.

We will do this through:

  • Embodiment practices
  • Inquiry
  • Meditation
  • Journal prompts
  • Alchemical movement
  • Ceremony and Ritual
Red Dress School

Pillars of the Empowered Artist

  • Love your creative pauses
  • Create from a place of fullness, abundance sourced creations
  • Your artistry is your highest form of service, share your truth.
  • Pleasure is your guide
  • True Pleasure comes from surrender
  • Love the process
  • Remember like attracts like, be that which you wish for
  • You are your most supportive fan
  • Be true. This is our task, to be true to our authentic expression, we are sharing our lens of the world to provide sacred perspective
  • When we get out of our own way we become sculptors of the divine
  • We are not defined by our work but rather enlivened by it
  • Empowerment starts by taking full responsibility of our life

Short Bio

Melissa, a wild woman at heart, earned her BA at UC Berkeley in Theater, Dance and Performance studies and has since been on a Tantric path.

Her passion is now to support performing artists in bridging the spiritual with the physical through the performance space.

In this way up-leveling performance as an alchemical spiritual practice that can support humanities return to love as we co create the New Earth in the Aquarian Age.

Red Dress School

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