Dragon Woman Mentorship


3 Month Container for Performing Artists

During this mentorship you will:

  • Redefine your relationship to your creativity
  • Use pleasure as your guide in life
  • Reclaim your body as a temple
  • Nurture healthy boundaries as an expression of love
  • Bring sacred ritual and ceremony into your life
  • Feel grounded, held and supported by the Universe
  • Step into your full authentic expression
  • Embrace your sensuality and discover your sensual dance
  • Embrace your sexuality as life force energy and learn how to sustainably circulate, ground and refine this energy
  • Feel empowered in your creative expression, sensuality, sexuality and spirituality
  • Become sculptures of the divine through your work
  • Become the creatrix of your life

We are born to thrive

And through the bends and turns of life, we may have forgotten this ancient wisdom as many women do, as I had.

We put guards up, dimmed our light and hid the aspects of the feminine within us.

We were abused, mistreated, disrespected, belittled, made to feel “other,” not good enough, not pretty enough, too strong or too weak.

Red Dress School

Dragon Woman Mentorship

We are born to experience pleasure, to live in awe and devotion to the unknown in full trust that we are held and supported by the Universe.

My life has completely changed in the most beautiful, unexpected and magical ways since I embraced my sacred femininity.

Dragon Woman

Are you ready to embrace the sacred feminine in you?

Are you ready to bring your artistry to a deeper, more fulfilling level?

Ready to completely rewrite the stories you are telling yourself that are inhibiting your growth as a divine creatix on this blessed Earth?

It takes work, it can be confusing, but my goodness it is so liberating.

Are you ready to meet your inner Dragon, reclaim your wings and remember how to fly?

I am here to guide you on this sacred journey if you are:

  • Ready to take full responsibility of your life
  • Ready to step into your full potential and share your authentic self with the world.
  • Ready to do the work
  • Ready to come home to yourself
  • Ready to contribute to humanity’s return to love as the light warrior that you are
  • Ready to take flight and soar through the world on the wings of your creations as you reconnect with your wise, ancient, Dragon Woman essence.

I am here to support you in your journey towards becoming a bridge between heaven and earth, a spiritual alchemist who’s true essence the world is ready to see.

The life of your dreams awaits you.

You hold the keys, I am here to help you remember what you already know.

To witness you in your truth and your beauty, your vulnerability, your courage, your overflowing devotion to life, your radiance as… 

a Queen incarnate of the divine.


We will do this through

  • Tao Tantric Purification practices
  • Embodiment practices
  • Meditation
  • Inner Child work
  • Shadow Work
  • Dance improvisation
  • Qigong
  • Acting as a path to authenticity
  • Voice activation
  • Space holding
  • Ceremony and Ritual
  • Performance study

Program Structure

Month 1: Water Element ~ Surrender

Focused on cultivating the feeling of safety versus fear through surrender.

This first month is for softening and opening the doors to the parts of you that are ready to be seen, heard, witnessed and so released from your body allowing for new growth into the woman you are ready to be.

Month 2: Wood Element ~ Empowerment

Here we allow your roots to receive the blessings from your healing in the first month.

You can absorb all that was released as fuel for your growth and empowerment, transmuting everything into love through compassion and kindness. Grounding, setting a foundation, cultivating courage and inner power through vulnerability is the focus of this month. Making space within to be able to hear your inner guidance.

Month 3: Fire Element ~ Creation

This month is for creation. What are your dreams as an artist? What is your vision for the future? What is your unique gift?

We will connect with your artistry as your most sacred service to humanity. We will clarify your intention and vision of artistry. This is where we bridge the physical with the spiritual and become sculptors of the divine.

Red Dress School

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